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Fivfivgo™ Volumizing Styling Spray

Fivfivgo™ Volumizing Styling Spray

 (831 Bewertungen)
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Compostable Packaging


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Fivfivgo™ Volumizing Styling Spray

Fivfivgo™ Volumizing Styling Spray

 (831 Bewertungen)
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Look! Create Magazine Cover-Class Hair at Home

Discover how easy it is to get a professional hairstyle that looks like a magazine cover from the comfort of your own home! Fivfivgo™ Volumizing Styling Spray doesn't just add volume, it gives your hair an instant glow. Enjoy styling like a star stylist every day without the expensive salon fees.

Customers share their pompadour journeys💈✨

"Since I've been using Fivfivgo™ Hair Spray, my hair routine has completely changed. I used to be so busy in the morning trying to get my hair to look a little voluminous, now with just a few sprays my hair maintains its volume and style all day long. This product really gives me the confidence to walk out the door every day as if I'm walking down the aisle every day!"
-Emily from San Francisco, CA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

"I never want to complicate my hair problems, but always want it to look better. Fivfivgo™ has given me that possibility. Now, whether I'm going to the office or out on a date night, I can quickly style my hair to perfection. Not only does this spray make my hair look more upscale, but it feels as natural as if I hadn't sprayed anything. Definitely recommend!"
-Mike from Austin, TX ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair!

In daily life, many people will face various hair problems, such as flatness and weakness, difficulty in styling, and lack of durability. Especially in humid or windy weather, even a well-manicured hairstyle can become lifeless in a matter of hours. Additionally, frequent use of thermal tools and chemical products can lead to damaged hair that is even more difficult to manage.

For these challenges, Fivfivgo™💁‍♀️🎈 Volumizing Styling Spray🌟 offers a one-stop solution.

Adds volume: the product formula is designed to provide immediate volume to the hair, making hairstyles look fuller.

Maintains Styles for Longer: Highly effective ingredients ensure that hairstyles are long lasting without the need for frequent re-spraying.

Suitable for all hairstyles: can be used effectively on straight, curly or wavy hair to enhance the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

Lightweight formula: won't leave hair feeling heavy or sticky, maintaining a natural feel and look.

Salon effect: It is easy to create professional salon level hairstyling effects at home.


 STRP 1---Prepare the hair:
Make sure your hair is washed and blow dried.

STRP 2---Shake the spray well:
Shake the bottle well before use to ensure all ingredients are evenly mixed.

STRP 3---Spray the product:
Start spraying approximately 15-20 cm from the roots of the hair, concentrating mainly on the areas where you want to add volume. Gently lift hair to layer and ensure the spray evenly covers the roots.

STRP 4---Styling Hair:
Use your fingers or comb through the hair to help disperse the product and shape the desired hairstyle. If more volume is needed, invert hair to spray downward and then re-arrange.

STRP 5---Styling Finish:
Allow the product to dry naturally for a few seconds or use the cool setting of a hair dryer to set the style. Apply a final touch to add extra shine or hold as desired.


  • Q:What types of hair types is Fivfivgo™ Spray suitable for?
    A:Our products are suitable for all hair types, including straight, curly, coarse and fine hair. Especially effective for fine hair seeking extra volume and support.
  • Q:Does using Fivfivgo™ Spray leave my hair feeling sticky or heavy?
    A:No, Fivfivgo™ Spray is formulated to be lightweight and won't leave hair feeling heavy or sticky. It is designed to add volume without sacrificing the natural feel of your hair.
  • Q:Do I need to use a styling product after using Fivfivgo™ Spray?
    A:It depends on your individual styling needs; Fivfivgo™ Spray has some hold on its own, but if you need additional styling support, you can use the spray followed by other styling products in moderation.
  • Q:Does Fivfivgo™ Spray have a protective effect on hair?
    A:Yes, our formulas contain conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and moisturizers, which help protect hair from heat damage and environmental factors while styling.
  • Q:How often do I need to use Fivfivgo™ Spray?
    A:You can use this product daily as needed to maintain your desired hairstyle and volume. The duration of the product's effect may vary slightly depending on individual hair type and environmental conditions.
  • Q: Does Fivfivgo™ Spray contain ingredients that are harmful to my hair or scalp?
    A:Our products contain no sulfates, parabens or alcohols that are harmful to the hair or scalp. All ingredients are carefully selected for safety and efficacy.
  • Q:Can be used alone or with other products?
    A:Yes, you can use it both ways. Use alone for a more natural, voluminous look, or with styling products for a more complex, textured look.
  • Q:Can it be used by people with inflamed scalp and sensitive scalp?
    A:It is not recommended for use when there is inflammation and breaks in the scalp. This product contains alcohol which can cause slight irritation and is recommended to be used when the scalp is in a healthy condition.
  • Q:What's the difference between a Volumizing Styling Spray and a regular styling spray?
    A:The Volumizing Styling Spray is made with silica and focuses more on creating volume, while the styling spray focuses more on the hold of the styling.

Product Info

  • Brand:Fivfivgo™
  • Product Name: Volumizing Styling Spray
  • Specification: 100ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years 
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