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Fivfivgo™ Natural Detox Slimming Capsules

Fivfivgo™ Natural Detox Slimming Capsules

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Compostable Packaging

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Fivfivgo™ Natural Detox Slimming Capsules

Fivfivgo™ Natural Detox Slimming Capsules

 (831 avis)
Prix habituel $19.97
Prix habituel $19.97 Prix soldé $24.97
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Customer's Use Experience Sharing

“My obesity problem has been with me for more than 4 years, it brings a lot of inconvenience to my life and work, so I decided to lose weight, during that time I also tried a lot of weight loss methods, but nothing worked, finally I had to turn to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada for help in weight loss, I told my doctor I don't take medication because Then he recommended Fivfivgo™ slimming essence capsule, a unique weight loss method that I had never seen before, I was skeptical but I have to admit it was very effective and gave me the beautiful body I have now and can wear nice dresses in the summer.”
Beatrice Wilson,Nevada

“The heavy workload in the office made me have no time and energy to do action for my weight loss plan, but I deeply appreciate the troubles of obesity, most importantly it can cause many diseases, so I must lose weight, then my friend recommended Fivfivgo™ capsules to me, I was afraid to use them, but I saw the changes in her body after using them for almost 3 months, so I chose to believe Fivfivgo™ capsules, after 4 months of use I saw the miracle happen to me, although it is used in a different way, but the effect is very obvious, my friends and family are surprised by my change, thought I was secretly going to the gym to lose weight, thanks Fivfivgo™.”
 - Annie Sucgang,Oakland

Toxins(body waste) are destroying your body!

Women's special body structure makes their vagina and uterus prone to accumulate toxins and body waste. Frequent sexual intercourse, childbirth, and poor lifestyle habits often exacerbate such conditions and it’s often accompanied by dry, loose mucous membranes, frequent burning sensations, itching, dull color, recurrent inflammation, and an unpleasant odor. It can also happen to women who lack estrogen in their bodies due to hysterectomy or menopause.

What are the benefits of Fivfivgo™ to you?

What are the unique ingredients of Fivfivgo™?

Fivfivgo™ is an ingenious fusion of holistic medicinal practices and cutting-edge new technology to provide maximum results in record time.

Developed by Dr. Shelby Deleon and her research team, Fivfivgo™ are an easier and simpler way to shed excess weight and help repair damaged vaginas and restore girly tightness and pinkness in 5 weeks, thanks to their 100% natural ingredients that simply makes sense:

1. L-Arginine: contains an organic compound called amino acids essential for a variety of bodily processes and functions, including the reproductive system, blood circulation, reducing swelling, and flushing out toxins hidden in fat and bones.

2. Green Tea Extract: Our research team is the first globally to extract a compound, catechin, from green tea, shown to quadruple metabolism and fat burn rates, even sixfold at night, leading to fast weight loss. Concurrently, green tea's vitamin C and polyphenols boost collagen synthesis, neutralize free radicals, and shield cells from oxidative harm, detoxifying the body and toning private areas.

3. Lodoicea Maldivica: Known as the "natural engine of hormones", Lodoicea Maldivica is effective in regulating female endocrine secretion and tightening and hydrating private parts.

4. Himalayan Ginseng: Has been proven to reduce body weight, abdominal fat, and lower glucose levels by flushing out harmful toxins.

How Does Fivfivgo™ Capsule Work?

Fivfivgo™ slimming capsule can be inserted into the vagina using the fingers, where it is absorbed by the vaginal mucosa once it dissolves. This product aims to repair damaged mucosa and elastic fibers in the vagina, while enhancing the self-cleaning function of the uterus and vagina.

With regular use, it can help eliminate body waste, resulting in a healthy, firm, and youthful-looking vagina.

Dedicated and Powerful Research Team

Fivfivgo™ was developed over a 21-month period by our research team in conjunction with the Yale University Body Health Lab. Fivfivgo™ has been a huge success due to the strong research team and the huge investment in research and development. Its unique approach and philosophy to weight loss has won several world class awards and is loved by many celebrities!

On January 7th, 2023, L-Arginine was successfully extracted

Nicole Martinez shared her experience with us

“After two births and long periods of sex, my vagina was very damaged. It looked baggy, dry and always had a weird smell. My husband didn't say anything, but I always felt like he was tired of me. I was so worried that I would lose him like this. Anxiety and worry led me to overeat and my body became fat and out of shape. After a few searches, I found Fivfivgo™ capsules and decided to try it. And it really worked as I hope. After a few weeks of use, I actually so good!Here are the changes in my Selfie."

"My change has been huge, my lady part is no longer dry and burning, it looks firm and moist, and even the color is pinking! That weird fishy smell went away too."
"The change is quite visible in my body, I started waking up energized, like when I was in my twenties. And best of all: I dropped nearly 20lbs in 6 weeks. Now my husband just can't get enough of me. I feel happiness in my life again!"

Sharing From more Customers

Rebecca Anderson,Arizona⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Eizabeth Davis,Idaho⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Erin Nelson,Pennsylvania⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lisa Moore,Arkansas⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


  • Quantity:7 capsules per box
  • Instructions:1 capsule in two days


  • Q: How does Fivfivgo™ capsules improve body health?

    • A: Fivfivgo™ capsules enhance metabolism, reduce toxin accumulation, and improve blood circulation using all-natural ingredients such as L-Arginine and green tea extract, helping to reduce weight and boost overall health.
  • Q: How long does it take to see effects from using Fivfivgo™ capsules?

    • A: Results may vary among users, but many report significant improvements in body weight reduction and intimate health after using the capsules consistently for several weeks.
  • Q: What are the unique ingredients in Fivfivgo™ capsules?

    • A: In addition to L-Arginine and green tea extract, Fivfivgo™ also includes Lodoicea Maldivica and Himalayan Ginseng, which help regulate endocrine functions, enhance immune strength, and improve reproductive health.
  • Q: Are Fivfivgo™ capsules suitable for everyone?

    • A: While Fivfivgo™ capsules are based on natural ingredients, it is recommended that pregnant women, nursing mothers, or individuals with specific health conditions consult a doctor before starting to use them.
  • Q: How should Fivfivgo™ capsules be used for the best results?

    • A: According to the instructions, take one capsule every two days. For optimal results, continue taking the capsules for several weeks, and complement them with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.
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