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Fivfivgo™ Anti-Thief Safety Sliding Door and Window Security Lock

Fivfivgo™ Anti-Thief Safety Sliding Door and Window Security Lock

 (753 Reviews)
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Fivfivgo™ Anti-Thief Safety Sliding Door and Window Security Lock

Fivfivgo™ Anti-Thief Safety Sliding Door and Window Security Lock

 (753 Reviews)
Regular price $12.97
Regular price $12.97 Sale price $19.97
SAVE 35% Sold out
Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging


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Never let your door be left opened and keep your tots from crawling out using this safety sliding lock!

An excellent home-safety addition that is specially-crafted to securely lock sliding doors or windows from being opened. Allowing you to effectively stop your little explorer from fiddling and going outside unsupervised when you left them for a few seconds. Eliminating the risk of inflicting unwanted injuries, falling off windows or toddling out and being lost. This safety slide lock also helps pet owners for keeping active cats and dogs from jumping out and escaping. No worries as you can also use it for leaving your window slightly ajar to promote better ventilation while still ensuring safety. The perfect sliding door and window stopper for home, balcony, terrace, hotel, buildings, shop, and such. 

This sliding door/window stopper offers a small but mighty design that can successfully secure without obstruction and causing bumping hazard. Furthermore, it adopts a baby-proofing feature which allows it to stay unbudging even with your kids prying little hands. The safety lock can also withstand continuous pets scratching, fiddling, and munching without being opened and damaged. Simply attach it through the groove of the sash lanes, gently twist to securely lock, and you're all done. Made with durable metal and rubber material that guarantees to keep your space safe haven for several years without wearing-off.  

Level up your home safety and keep your door or even window tightly shut only with this child-proofing security lock!


  • Excellent Locking Mechanism
    An ultimate household locking tool that is professionally-constructed to effectively stop sliding doors or windows from being opened thanks to its serious security. Allowing it to serve as an extra layer of protection to limit your little explorers and keeping them from going outside unsupervised or inflicting injuries. It also helps to provide a much safer space for pet owners especially for those with playful cats and dogs that like to run around and stay near windows. This slide lock can even transform your easy to barge-in sliding door and windows into an extremely tough route to be unfastened by burglars and intruders who plan forced entry. What’s more? It can be also used for keeping your door and window slightly ajar to promote better ventilation and keeping fresh air in.   

  • Burglar-Proof Window
    With our window lock thieves can't get through any gap that is larger than a human head. Fitting with our good quality window lock will force the burglar to take more time and make more noise. Therefore, get more time to call the police. 
  • Wide Application
    This slide door and window security lock comes in a standard size that can fit snuggly for sliding lanes with width over 2.5 cm and less than 4 cm. It also offers a simple, yet modish design that can seamlessly blend into different sliding window and door styles without looking awkwardly out of place! Suitable for sliding glass doors, living room sliding windows, terrace slide doors, balcony slide doors, laundry slide window, kitchen slide window, bathroom, hotels, buildings, shops, and more possibilities. 

  • Small Non-Obstructive Appearance
    The safety sliding lock adopts a small but mighty appearance and quality that can fit nicely into the sliding panel. It enables you to ensure that all possible sliding openings in your house are tightly shut without causing obstruction that can be bumped or be a risk of injuries. The security lock also supports a remarkable baby-proof feature which allows it to be left unmoving to secure your windows or doors even with your kids prying little hands. Moreover, it can also withstand pets scratching, fiddling, and munching without being opened and damaged. 

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    This high security slide lock can make your sliding doors as well as windows to stay reliably unbudging and your home perfectly child and pet proof in a breeze! Simply insert the lock into the groove of your sliding door or window’s sash lanes, gently twist the lock’s knob to secure, and you're all done. No more complicated drilling installations and unnecessary tools that only leaves unsightly permanent marks and damages behind. Furthermore, the sliding lock can also be easily removed anytime if you need to open your door and windows.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, rust-resistant metal plate and thickened rubber material with an impressive one-twist, fixed locking performance. It boasts great durability and shock-resistance that promises to hold out against endless years without deforming, breaking, and wearing-off. Additionally, the window stopper lock does not contain any sharp edges or surface to ensure that it can be fiddled on by youngsters or pets without harming. 


  • Color: Black, Brown, Silver
  • Size: 4cm x 6.5cm


  • 1 x Fivfivgo™ Anti-Thief Safety Sliding Door and Window Security Lock
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