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Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse

Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse

 (831 Reviews)
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Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse

Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse

 (831 Reviews)
Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price $49.97
SAVE 50% Sold out


Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and painful waxing, and hello to naturally smooth skin with Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth - because you deserve to feel beautiful and confident every day!

“I have very sensitive skin and shaving has always bothered me (plus is very time-consuming). Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Mousse works perfectly with no burning or irritation. My underarm gets hairy and can take over an hour to shave, but this mousse does a great job in just minutes. Love it.” - Geraldine Wareham, Australia

“If you are fighting razor bumps or those stupid ingrown hair bumps, Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse gets the job done without any issues! No burning on my sensitive skin and the hair came right off as easily. No mess and hassle whatsoever. 100% recommended!” - Lola Hernandez, California

Understanding unwanted hair growth

All people experience typical hair growth on their bodies as they mature sexually and can vary in thickness and length. Both males and females have visible body hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, armpits, genital area, arms, and legs. However, it may be more noticeable in some than in others. A person can remove unwanted hair cosmetically, and it is up to them to decide whether or not they wish to receive further treatment.

Eliminate unwanted hair instantly!

Experience the convenience of quick and painless hair removal with Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse. Formulated with gentle formula, this luxurious mousse offers a gentle yet effective way to remove unwanted hair - ensuring that it doesn't cause any stinging or burning sensation when applied to the skin while nourishing and moisturizing the skin as well. Its main function is to remove hair directly from the root by breaking down the keratin structure of the follicle, allowing you to effortlessly wipe away the hair and the cream. By wilting the follicle, the mousse can delay hair regrowth. That means you won't have to shave or wax daily, saving you valuable time. For 3-5 weeks, you can enjoy smooth skin without black spots, ingrown hairs or rough texture!

Formulated with Natural Ingredients for Effortless Hair Removal:

Beeswax is a natural substance which is efficient for pulling out hair from the roots. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe the skin and reduce redness and swelling often associated with hair removal. Additionally, its antibacterial properties help prevent infections and breakouts.

Glycerin is a humectant which draws moisture into the skin. It helps retain moisture in the skin, resulting in soft, hydrated and smooth skin.

Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol that can soften the skin and break down the Keratin, causing it to weaken and dissolve. This leaves the hair in a jelly-like state which the user can easily wipe away with the cream.

Aloe vera acclaimed for its multifaceted benefits, exhibits potential skin-lightening properties. Notably, studies suggest that aloe vera's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes may contribute to the reduction of dark spots and the restoration of a more uniform skin tone. 

More of our happy customers’ reviews:

“Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Mousse worked great! I sprayed it on my legs and waited a few minutes and scraped it off. Clean and smooth as can be!! Very pleased with the product. No burn, no fuss, just on and off, then in the shower to clean. Good to go! This is a game-changer, ladies. Good stuff!” - Ruth Keller

“I was very skeptical about this Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Mousse until I gave it a try. You just spray it on and let it do its work for a few minutes, hop in the shower, wash it off - easy, peasy,  all cleaned up! 10/10 would recommend this product!” - Andrea Ridings

What makes Fivfivgo™ BeeSmooth Hair Removal Mousse Effective?

✅ Painless hair removal: It involves no peeling or pulling of your skin. You can simply use this mousse in the target areas and wave goodbye to unwanted hair.

✅ Quick results: Helps remove unwanted hair in minutes. Simply, spread, wait, and wipe.

✅ Convenient to use: We are all looking for hassle-free solutions for body hair removal to ease your lives. It can even remove hair from hard-to-reach areas.

✅ Suitable for all skin types: Whether you have dry, oily, or any skin in between, you can use it. This hair removal mousse formulation is suitable for all skin types.

✅ Leaves no under-rooted hair: This leaves the skin soft and smooth. The hair regrowth is not thick or thorny and takes longer than usual.

✅ Fresh fragrance: It has a pleasant fragrance that makes the hair removal experience pleasant and leaves you with a fresh scent.


Net Content: 30mL

Ingredients: Beeswax, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera & Maltose

How to Use:

  1. Spray the mousse evenly on targeted areas like, underarms, legs, arms and even facial hair.

  2. Leave it on for 5-8 minutes.

  3. Wipe gently using a towel or tissue against your hair growth

  4. Rinse it with water and pat your skin dry.

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