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Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

 (753 Reviews)
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Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

 (753 Reviews)
Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging


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Say goodbye to mites with Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer. Our powerful natural solution kills mites and other small pests on contact, and stays active for up to 4 weeks! Safe to use around family and pets, it's an easy and effective way to keep your home pest-free! 

Our customer shared their experience using the Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer


"Fivfivgo™ exceeded my expectations. As a pet owner, I was skeptical about finding a safe solution. This product not only eliminated mites but did so without harming my furry friend. Our bed is now a cozy retreat, free from pests and worries. Highly recommended!"

- Kathy S.

"Living allergy-free is a dream, and Fivfivgo™ made it a reality. My asthma used to act up, especially at night. After using these packs, I breathe easy. The natural ingredients are a relief, and the non-woven fabric ensures consistent mite-killing power. Highly recommend!"

- Jacob E.

What are mites?

Mites are tiny arachnids that belong to the same class as spiders and ticks. While most mites are harmless, some can be problematic for humans. Dust mites, for example, are common culprits found in household dust, bedding, and upholstery. They feed on dead skin cells and can trigger allergies in some people.

How does mites can affect our health?

The proteins found in dust mite feces and body parts can lead to allergic reactions, causing symptoms like sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, and skin rashes. For individuals with asthma, exposure to dust mites can worsen respiratory symptoms.

How does Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer work?

 Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer harnesses the power of natural ingredients to eliminate mites and their eggs effectively. The formula works by attracting mites with a special scent and then swiftly neutralizing them with natural insecticides. Just simply place the mite killer pack strategically on your bed, furniture, and other mite-prone areas. The packs, made from high-density non-woven fabric, provide long-lasting protection, ensuring a mite-free environment for up to six months. This innovative and safe solution offers a chemical-free alternative, safeguarding your family, pets, and plants from harmful pesticides while preventing allergies caused by dust mites and other pests.

Consists of 4 natural key ingredients for Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

Wormwood: known for its potent anti-microbial and insect-repelling properties, is a natural nemesis for mites. Its bitter compounds disrupt the mites' biological processes, acting as a formidable deterrent and weakening their defenses.

Perilla Leaves:
bring their anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic prowess to the mix. They not only help alleviate allergic reactions triggered by mites but also contribute to creating an inhospitable environment for the tiny intruders.

Green Peppercorns:
are like nature's tiny warriors. Packed with essential oils, they act as a natural insecticide, disrupting the mites' nervous system upon contact. It's a spicy punch that mites just can't withstand.

Citrus Leaves:
add a refreshing twist to the battle. Rich in compounds with insecticidal properties, they not only contribute to the overall mite-repelling effect but also bring a pleasant aroma to the mix, making it a win-win for both efficacy and olfactory delight.

What makes Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer special?

  • Odorless and Non-Staining
  • Chemical-Free Formulation
  • Alleviates Allergic Reactions
  • Targets Multiple Types of Mites
  • Safe for Children, Pets, and Plants
  • Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients
  • Dual Action: Attracts and Eliminates
  • Long-lasting Protection (Up to 6 Months)
  • Convenient and Easy-to-Use Packaging
  • High-Density Non-Woven Fabric for Controlled Release

Why Choose This Product:

Choose Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer for an unparalleled defense against mites. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, including wormwood, perilla leaves, green peppercorns, and citrus leaves, this product not only attracts mites but swiftly eliminates them and their eggs. Offering up to six months of long-lasting protection, it stands out as a chemical-free, safe solution for the entire family, including children and pets. The high-density non-woven fabric ensures a controlled release of the potent formula, creating a mite-free haven in your home. Make the choice for a healthier, allergy-free living space with Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer.

How to Use:

  1. Placement: Put Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer packs in mite-prone areas like pillowcases, under sheets, wardrobe bedding, and sofa cushions.

  2. Wait: Allow the natural ingredients to work their magic. The herbal formula attracts and kills mites, providing 24-hour long-term protection.

  3. Replace: Switch out the mite removal bags every two months to maintain uninterrupted mite removal and ensure continuous protection for your family's health.

Product details: 

1 pack (10 pieces) x Fivfivgo™ Natural Mite Killer

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